Ferienhaus Ruppnig in St. Martin bei Lofer






Our house as starting point!

Start your tour here from our house, a walk to the alpine meadow "Loferer Alm" with its option of a further 25 different walking-tours or the walk to " Mayberg - Auerwiesen - Lofer or maybe you wish to follow the footsteps of the old lumberman along the river Saalach

Children, this holiday is yours. Wanting to participate in a treasure hunt? Or the childrens olympic's? A painting competition? Therefore off to the "Kaserasi" childrens club!

Our varied children’s programme as PDF

Enjoy the tranquility. Parish- and pilgrimage churches, fortress ruins as well as natural monuments.
Discover a part of the local history.

Welcome in paradise! Trekking and mountain tours in some of the most beautiful areas in the province of Salzburg. Maybe you enjoy cycling or some bicycle tours along the extensive cycle tracks in the Salaachtal. Taste the unique enjoyment of a white water ride in a canoe in the river Saalach. Have you ever tried canyoning, rafting or hydro speed?

The wonder of nature! Enter into a world of bizarre shaped cliffs and raging waterfalls.Vorderkaser gorge and Seisenberg gorge. Here, nature offers a unique spectacle

Lush alpine pastures, flowering alpine meadows, crystal clear water in the alpine brooks and ancient alpine chalets, a tranquil idyll surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery. Here is something for everybody, leisurely walks along alpine meadows as well as casual walks on small alpine paths, refreshments provided from local produce to satisfy the most discerning tastes.